4 Things to Consider While Buying Replica Watches

There are a lot of things that one should look for while purchasing replica watches. As replica watches are the copy of the original brands so people need to pay attention to many factors. It is a desire of many folks to wear their favorite brands’ watches but due to their high cost, they will compromise.

But because of the availability of replica watches on the PerfectReplica website, one can get their favorite brand watch at an affordable price.  It is so lucrative that you can wear watches that have the same features as branded ones at a cheap rate.

1.    Make Sure the Replica Watch Is Waterproof

During choosing the best replica watch for you, consider that the watch must be waterproof as it is an essential thing. Make sure the packaging of the replica watch must be well-sealed.

In addition, there are some replica watches, especially for women are made of 18K gold and aren’t waterproof. The reason is that suppose the watch will fall into the water so it will be not usable. Therefore it is a good decision to look for a replica watch that is waterproof.

2.    Avoid Buying An 18K White Gold Watch

It is recommended that avoid buying replica watches which is 18K white gold case. The reason is that most straps and cases of this type of material look “pale white” and the upper layer is rhodium plated.

In addition, people will find that the surface area may look a little yellow after the gold coating has worn off. Due to this, the watch’s appearance can’t be refurbished and modified by polishing. Therefore, it is advisable that consider those watches that aren’t made from 18K gold.

Another thing is that gold is an expensive thing and gold-plated replica watches are thick that can be easily worn off. There is a risk of losing the watch so it is good for you to avoid these kinds of watches.

3.    Look For a Steel Belt

It is good to choose a solid strap in case you choose the replica watch with a steel band and steel shell. The clone watches’ 1:1 version comes with a strong strap that is compact and solid. It is excellent if you have screw bolts and elastic steel casing because watches made of steel material are durable. In addition, the metal strap’s opening and closing buckle provide great comfort with security. Moreover, replica watches with steel material are looking great as well as provide protection.

4.    Returns and Warranty

It is crucial to buy replica watches from a platform like PerfectReplica that offer its customer warranty and return flexibility. In addition, it is the responsibility of the website to provide their customer best possible experience. If one will face any issue regarding the watch or its quality so one should contact the officials of the website in order to get assistance.

Suppose, you will get the defective product so you can return it. However, if there is any size issue so people can change watch if it comes under the warranty period.


Top 5 Reasons to Buy Replica Watches

Every human being has some derides and wants. Some wishes can be fulfilled while some remains unfulfilled. Luxury watches are expensive timepieces that everyone cannot afford. However, if you are willing to get a luxury watch within your budget then you can go for replica watches.

These watches look almost similar to the original watches but are priced much lesser. Therefore anyone can fulfill their dream by purchasing perfect replica watches within their budget. There can be several reasons for busing replica watches that a person should know about.


Original watches from brands such as Rolex are very expensive and a person with a moderate budget cannot afford them. To buy watches from such brands they have to collect money for a longer period. However, we suggest those people go for replica watches because when you buy a branded watch you also pay for their brand value, promotions, and shop rent, making the watch over-priced.

The good thing about replica watches is that they almost provide the same looks and feel at a very affordable price. Therefore, there is no sense to waste money on expensive accessories if you can get all the benefits on a very low budget.


Many people think that replicas are not durable like real watches, but in reality, they are made with high-quality material which makes them durable and serves a purpose for a long time. If maintained properly, then the replica watch will last for a lifetime.

Remember, you must not use the product so carelessly like dropping it into the water and trying to scratch because such activities can cause faster wear and tear to your watch.


When you will attend an event wearing a standard outfit and accessories, you will become one among the crowd. But, if you wear a luxury watch paired with your suit, then everyone’s eyes will come to you. Most probably you will get extra attention and love from people gathered in the event.

The best thing about perfect replica watches is that nobody can tell that it’s a replica unless they come closer. In case you buy a Swiss handmade watch, even jewelers cannot tell that the watch is fake because they are made with real gold and high-quality steel.

Signature look

Replica watches imitate the style of an original watch, which makes it possible for you to wear them with confidence. When you wear a replica of a well-known brand, it gives you the signature look of that brand. We suggest you buy 7A replicas because they are neck-to-neck copies of an original watch.

Daily wear

We discussed above that luxury watches are expensive enough; therefore these watches cannot be used frequently on daily basis. But, on the other hand, replicas can be worn on daily basis. In addition, if the real watch gets broken, then it will huts you more as compared to the replica.


These reasons can help you to decide whether you should go for replica watches or invest money in branded watches. Well, replicas are the same as original watches, therefore if you have a low budget, then you should prefer going for the replicas because they are more value for money.



Replica Watches

PerfectReplica: Reasons Why You Should Buy Replica Watches?

PerfectReplica is a platform where you can buy the best replica watches. Do you think you need a replica? Everyone has desires that they want to fulfill. However luxury desires are some time that is not easy to fulfill because your pocket does not allow you to wish for those desires.

But if your luxury desire is buying branded watches within your budget then PerfectReplica can surely help you. Here you can find fake watches of different brands and get fantastic and quality products. There are different reasons that explain the need for the best replica watches which are as follows:


The significant factor to buy a replica watch is for sure its affordability. Original branded watches need a lot of investment that not everyone can afford. Thus people have the option either to leave their desire or to get a replica.

PerfectReplica can offer you a replica that contains the same quality and structure as the original watch. That makes them best for people who are looking for an affordable option of branded watches.

Flaunt Your Look

When you desire to buy a branded watch then surely you will flaunt it to others. But one would not look good flaunting an original watch when he gets bankrupt. It is obvious that you cannot sacrifice all your money to get a new branded watch.

But don’t worry now you can easily show off your branded watch without spending your entire income on replica watches. They are the dupe of original watches and offer the classy look that you always wanted.

Seek Attention

You might have seen people in amazing attire but the regular watch in their hand ruins their style. Wearing fashionable attire compels you to wear a branded watch. That is the reason one needs to be ready with a replica watch from PerfectReplica to seek the attention of people. Everyone will get stunt by the watch and you will be the center of attraction in the event.

Durability of Watch

Some of you might be thinking that as replicas are not original they are not going to serve you for a long time. But you are wrong as the replicas are highly durable in nature. Replicas from PerfectReplica will serve you for a long period and can stand against wear and tear.

One just needs to take proper care and pay attention to the maintenance of the watch then one can use it for years. Make sure to avoid hitting or striking the watch and do not wet the watch to increase its life.


You can see PerfectReplica is providing good quality watches which are durable. One can have a great experience and select from a variety of replicas. If you buy any replica and do not maintain it correctly then you will not be able to use it for long.

The material used in the watches is superior thus being careless can cause a problem. These are worth buying as they can fulfill your desire of getting a branded watch.


How are replica watches so cheap?

Replica watches are duplicate of high-class branded watches. Usually, people buy replica watches as they are available at an actual rate. People who love to wear branded watches but cannot afford them due to high costs can shift to replica watches as they are a copy of branded watches but at an affordable rate. The person buying the replica watches must ensure they purchase safely from a reliable store.

Can a Person Get Replica Watches at an Affordable Rate?

There are a variety of replica watches available for buyers in both online and offline stores. Replica watches are like the choice of people. Not just a single feature of these watches makes them an option for people. After completing research, only a person can search for the best watch after proper analysis. They are the authentic copy of branded watches that will give a person the feeling of wearing them only.

How Can a Person Buy Watches Safely?

Buying a new luxurious watch is a significant decision for a person that must be taken after proper analysis. You need to research a lot and then only choose a watch worth it.

Dedication of good time and effort in selecting a watch will ensure that you get a reliable and quality piece rather than a fake one. Let’s have a look at how you can make the right decision that will prove to be worth it:

  • Ensure that you purchase the watches from a reliable dealer who has a good reputation in society
  • Go through the serial number of the watch so that you get an idea that the watch is genuine and is not a fake option.
  • Do a confirmation that all the paperwork is completed or still there is pending work that he must complete.
  • You can even ask for photographs of the timepiece you think is your choice, and it is worth purchasing the one.
  • It will be best to go through the proper examination of a watch by a licensed watchmaker. It will increase the chances of being watched the original.
  • Having an examination of the price will also help in the formation of an idea regarding authenticity. You can easily get an idea about the watch.

·       FAQ

Are Replica Watches Available at a Cheap Rate?

A person can quickly get this replica watch from a reliable store at an actual rate. These are watches made of such material, making them a worthy option for buyers.

Can You Differentiate Between a Replica and an Original Watch?

It is really difficult for an average person to do the differentiation. But the one who knows can easily go through some factors to distinguish between the two. Some common factors that help here are material, weight, and the serial number of available watches.

Is Replica Watches a Good Quality Option?

There is no doubt that replica watches are a good option for buyers. They are made of high-quality material only that is durable in number.





Are Replica Watches Worth Buying

It can take time to decide where to buy a watch. Should you go for a replica? A luxury brand? The answer is not quite that simple, and the better question is whether it’s worth buying. After all, some people never even wear their watches! To help you decide, let’s consider what kind of person should buy an expensive watch versus who might want to get an imitation instead.

For those who don’t wear it regularly and are looking for something they can keep in their drawer as decoration or as an emergency backup when their day-to-day mechanical watch breaks, a replica is the way to go.

Benefits Of Investing in Replica Watches

1. They Are a Great Price

They provide the same basic functions as a story watch at a fraction of the price of luxury timepieces. This makes replica watches an ideal gift for your husband on your anniversary or even for your child when they graduate.

2. Can Be Used in Fashion

Even though these watches may not carry the name brand of famous brands such as Rolex, Cartier, and Breitling, they carry a very similar look and quality to those with those names. This means that you can wear it with pretty much any outfit while at dinner or on a date with no worries because you have something stylish and appropriate for any event you might go to.

3. No Hectic Process

Since replica watches carry the same style as those more expensive brands, you don’t have to worry about looking for an adaptor or batteries because these are already included. This means you are good to go once you buy it as soon as it arrives on your doorstep.

4. Durable and Long-Lasting

When buying a luxury brand watch, there is always the worry that your watch may break or not work. This can be terrifying when you have spent upwards of six figures on something that may not even work. Replica watches will not overcharge you, and they will continue to provide value for years to come, whether used daily or a few times a year.

5. You Can Save Money on Other Things

Buying an expensive watch may seem like the smartest thing to spend money on, but when you consider what you’re going to spend on it in the future, it is more likely that you will be able to make up for it with the cost of other items over time. Replica watches are a great investment as they can help you save money in the long run by making sure that you are never stuck for cash towards what would otherwise be a very costly purchase.

6. They Look Great!

Certain pieces of clothing or accessories work with certain people, even though everyone has different tastes. One piece of clothing or accessory usually complements any face shape. Replica watches are no different. As long as you decide on a good style, then you will have a watch that is both stylish and at a great price.


What Reasons Make Rolex Replica A Good Option To Buy

Many people love to buy luxury watches from different brands. Rolex is one of the best brands of watches that offer top quality to its users. Rolex replica works the same as the original brand and is popular, just like the actual version.

The brand is famous due to various reasons and benefits which it offers, which make it different from other brands. The materials used in the Watch are of high quality, and also design provided by this luxury watch is unique and attractive.

High-Quality Steel

Rolex is a high-quality brand that makes use of good material, giving superb quality. It is the only brand of Watch that uses 904L stainless steel. Yeah, the steel used is of high quality as compared to other brands.

This high-quality steel gives to watch a unique look, and compatible design as the steel is much shinier and more robust as compared to normal steel. , the original as replica watches of Rolex. They are made up of this high-quality steel giving top-quality watches.

Well Tested

All the Rolex replica watches are made with hand-assembled materials. That’s why it takes a long time to get manufactured. Also, after its manufacturing, the watches undergo different processes or tests which make them quality approved, and then they are delivered to the customers.

This is one of the best reasons why a Rolex replica is still a good brand, even though various new brands are there in the market. Thus, the customers will get a fully tested Rolex replica within their budget.

Unique Design

  • The underworld design of the Rolex replica makes it one of the best brands of watches.
  • The watches come up with perfect and compatible designs giving a luxury look due to the use of high-quality materials and it.
  • The unique design of Rolex replica is one of the main things that buy the brand so popular.
  • Thus you get an amazing Watch with a luxury log at quite an affordable price.

Strong Research

Another significant reason why Rolex replica is a good option to purchase is because of the strong research and development behind its making. The watches are manufactured after doing strong research and development so that the best quality would be given to the customers.

The brand has put its main focus on innovating the quality to its best by including different new processes and using high-quality materials. So, in the end, you will get a top-quality watch at an affordable price.

Final Words

There are several brands of luxury watches available in the market, but Rolex has its place. Despite so many brands available most people still love to buy Rolex watches. This is the reason that the Rolex replica is also popular and is still a great option to purchase.

Customers will get almost the same quality and benefits from replica watches, but they can decide their budget and not have to spend much money to get a luxury watch.

TAG Heuer

Fake Tag Heuer Entry Level Watch: Autavia

Fake Tag Heuer Entry Level Watch Autavia

Tag Heuer is a reliable manufacturer that makes a wide range of beautiful timepieces. TAG Heuer Carrera, Aquaracer, Formula 1 collections are collectors’ favorite watches. But today it’s not about them, it’s about the fake Tag Heuer entry-level Autavia watches.

Autavia is an acronym for “AUTomobile” and “AVIAtion”. The origins of this collection date back to 1933, originally as a dashboard on a racing car, ship or aircraft. It is a chronograph that can record up to 12 hours. Inside the instrument panel there are two subdials for 50 minutes and 12 hours, plus a large central seconds.

Although this instrument panel has been in continuous production for decades, it is not the clearest chronograph. In 1958, Jack Heuer misread the dial of the Autavia in a car rally and missed out on first place. So Heuer withdrew the Autavia from its brand and replaced it with the Monte Carlo. But Jack Heuer didn’t give up on it. In late 1961, the Autavia was planned as a wrist chronograph with a clear, easy-to-read dial. In addition, these watches had more features, a rotating bezel with a variety of markers. Such as the 12-hour GMT bezel, the 60-minute diving bezel, the divisions of 1/100th of a minute. The new Autavia watches not only had two subdials, but also some models had three subdials. In short, these beautiful watches have a wearable case design and excellent readability. The new Autavia was successfully launched in 1962 and soon gained an iconic status in the automotive world.

Valjoux Hand-Wound Chronograph Movement

Fake Heuer Autavia 2446 With Valjoux 72 movement

Heuer Autavia watches have been using the Valjoux hand-wound chronograph movement since birth until 1968. The Heuer Autavia 3446 with two subdials has the Valjoux 92 movement, the Heuer Autavia 2446 with three subdials has the Valjoux 72 movement, and the Heuer Autavia watches with GMT function have the Valjoux 724 movement.

These watches maintain the classic 38mm case and soft, flowing lugs. Inside the black dial is two or three white oversized white sub-dials, hour markers and dauphine hands that glow in the dark. Since 1966, Heuer Autavia watches have kept the same case and bezel while reducing the size of the white subdials. The hour markers and dauphine hands were replaced by more oriented ones, giving the dial a cleaner look and higher readability.

Bigger Bezel

In 1968, Heuer introduced the new Autavia watches, which have new lugs with square edges and a larger bezel. In addition to the new design, the movement was also upgraded. For the first few years the Valjoux 7730 or 7732 movement was fitted in the fake Heuer Autavia watches, and in the following years it evolved into the famous ETA Valjoux 7750.

Chronomatic Calibre 11

Fake Heuer Autavia 1163T With Chronomatic Calibre 11

Starting in 1969, the Heuer Autavia watches, developed around the Chronomatic Calibre 11, were highly recognizable. At the time, Heuer entered into a partnership with Buren and Breitling in order to produce the first chronograph automatic movement. Together, they ended up designing the revolutionary Chronomatic Calibre 11, offering a power reserve of around 42 hours and beating at 19,800 vibrations per hour.

Heuer’s original plan was to use this new movement in the Carrera watches, but the case of the Carrera watches was so thin that it could not accommodate the rather thick Chronomatic Calibre 11. That’s why we see the Autavia watches equipped with the Chronomatic Calibre 11. The case of the Autavia watches has been redesigned to match this movement. The lugs have been replaced by integrated lugs and the crown has been moved from 3 to 9 o’clock. These fake Autavia watches show in a brash way that the watch does not need to be wound.

First TAG Heuer Autavia

In 1985, an organization called Techniques d’Avant Garde bought the Heuer company and changed the name to “TAG Heuer”. But the first Autavia watch with the “TAG Heuer” logo was released in 2003 and was based on the old Autavia watches with Chronomatic Calibre 11. The first fake TAG Heuer entry-level Autavia watch was equipped with self-winding Calibre 11 and had a fixed tachymeter bezel on a 42mm steel case.

Calibre Heuer 02

Fake TAG Heuer Autavia Calibre Heuer 02 CBE2110FC8226

At the beginning of 2016, TAG Heuer held a beauty contest for the public to choose one of their favorite luxury fake watches from 16 vintage Autavia watches. Then , TAG Heuer will relaunch a new watch in Basel 2017 that is identical to the winner’s watch. Finally, we have the vintage looking fake TAG Heuer Autavia Heuer 02 watches. The 42mm wide stainless steel case has a black 12-hour bezel. The black dial has three white subdials, stick indices and a date window at 6 o’clock. The Heuer 02 is an in-house chronograph movement with a power reserve of 80 hours and a water resistance of 100M. In addition, this fine, timeless watch can be found on a brown leather strap or on a superb steel bracelet.

Calibre 5 Isograph

Fake TAG Heuer Autavia Calibre 5 Isograph

Autavia has always been more “Aut” than “avia”, but this balance has changed in the new collection. The creation of the fake TAG Heuer Autavia Isograph Calibre 5 watches has turned the Autavia collection on its head and represents a new beginning. The TAG Heuer Calibre 5 replica watches is purely a three-hand watch, ditching the complicated chronograph functions, but sharing the same 42mm case size as the Autavia Chronograph. But the TAG Heuer Calibre 5 watches is thinner. The dial becomes quite simple, no subdials, but large enough Arabic numerals to catch the eye. Also, the practical date window remains. Calibre 5 is not homemade, it is based on the ETA 2824-2 / Sellita SW-200 design, incorporating the TAG Heuer carbon balance spring.

Today, TAG Heuer remains one of the most innovative and successful watchmakers in the world, and has clearly established its place in the history of watchmaking with its longstanding reputation for excellence and growing popularity. If you want to learn more about entry-level luxury fake watches from Swiss brands, such as the fake Patek Philippe entry-level Calatrava watches, click here.

Patek Philippe

Fake Patek Philippe Entry Level Watch: Calatrava

Fake Patek Philippe Entry Level Watch Calatrava

In the world of luxury replica watches there are countless brands that get thrown in our faces on a daily basis, such as Omega, Breitling and Rolex. Today we will continue to show you the entry-level fake watches. Last post it was the imitation Rolex Oyster Perpetual, and this post is about the fake Patek Philippe Calatrava. Patek Philippe is thought of by many people as the pinnacle of Swiss watchmaking. This Swiss watch brand produces some of the world’s highest quality watches. The Calatrava is the entry-level luxury watch collection from Patek Philippe best used for formal occasions. The collection’s beautiful and timeless design has lasted for many years.


At the beginning of the 20th century, Patek Philippe was struggling financially. Jean and Charles Henri Stern bought a controlling stake in the company in 1932. These two men were the saviors of Patek Philippe. They knew that if they were to save Patek Philippe, they had to broaden its appeal. While maintaining the brand’s exceptional reputation for quality and excellence in design and manufacturing, they introduced a simplified mainstream model. The new watch was the Patek Philippe Calatrava 96.

Patek Philippe Calatrava 96

fake Patek Philippe Calatrava 96

The name of Calatrava comes from the ornate Calatrava cross. The first Patek Philippe Calatrava watch (ref. 96) was first introduced in 1932 and was offered at a price that was more accessible to a wider audience. This simple, elegant dress watch was inspired by the Bauhaus principle and was a great success, helping the company survive the Great Depression.

The original Calatrava was intended to represent the timekeeping function in its purest essence. While vintage watches of the time offered up ornate details and intricate complications, the Calatrava 96 offered a minimalist silhouette. The 31mm round case has a polished flat bezel and is only 9mm thick. To this day, the Calatrava line of watches retains more or less the same original classic design.

Sizes And Looks

The current Patek Philippe Calatrava collection includes watches with different case sizes from 37mm to 42mm, women’s watches have joined the traditional men’s lineup. The thickness of these luxury fake watches is basically 8.5 mm. So both boys and girls can find a suitable watch in this collection. The scratch-resistant sapphire crystal under the dial is very rich in style. We can see dauphine or sword-style hands, stick or Arabic hour markers. There are also diamond or mother-of-pearl dials designed for women.


Patek Philippe Calatrava fake watches have a wide range of complications. Such as, a seconds subdial, a date window, a calendar hand, a day-night indicator, and an extra hand for timing an additional time zone. Calatrava watches are equipped with different movements for different functions, so there are many different kinds of movements included in this watch collection. These include the 240 PS C, 324 S C, and 215 PS calibres. These movements are also available with automatic or manual winding, and each movement has a different power reserve.

Model Suggestion

Philippe Calatrava Calatrava 5196R

Of all the models, the fake Philippe Calatrava 5196 is the closest to the original model of the watch. Although the case diameter is larger (the Calatrava 5196 has a case diameter of 37mm), it is more in line with modern aesthetics. The manufacture of the case remains unchanged, with a simple case and flat bezel. In addition, the layout of the dial is almost identical to that of the ref. 96. There is one hour hand, one minute hand, and a seconds counter at six o’clock. A robust manual-winding Caliber 215 PS with Gyromax balance and Spiromax balance spring offers precise and accurate timekeeping for all occasions. The watch is not only available only in white gold, but also in three other beautiful colorways, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum.

Patek Philippe Calatrava 7122

fake Patek Philippe Calatrava 7122

Elegant and refined Calatrava watches are also popular with girls, such as this replica Patek Philippe Calatrava 7122, designed especially for women. This “Timeless White” Calatrava watch is also a dress watch. The 33 mm case is made of 18K pink gold and the bezel is set with 44 diamonds. And the gold-applied hobnail-patterned hour markers and 18K rose gold leaf-shaped hands are one of the special features of this ladies Calatrava dress watch. In addition, a beautiful small seconds sub-dial located at 6 o’clock. The white lacquered dial and the leather strap of the same color are also elegant expressions.
The reliable mechanical manual-winding Caliber 215 PS movement boasts a power reserve of 44 hours. What’s more, this dainty, elegant ladies dress fake watch is water resistant up to 30M.

Patek Philippe Calatrava Date 5227G

fake Patek Philippe Calatrava Date 5227G

The fake Patek Philippe Calatrava Date 5227 extends the case size to 39mm. It is available in 18k white gold, pink gold and yellow gold. But no matter which material the case is made of, ref. 5227 always has an opaline dial. In addition to the three dauphine hands, there is a date window with a border at 3 o’clock. This date complication brings the watch into the everyday wear area. The smooth gold case back can be opened to reveal a 324 SC movement mounted under the sapphire crystal caseback. The movement includes some more modern features such as the Gyromax balance wheel and the Spiromax hairspring that is made of Silinvar, and has a power reserve of about two days. All in all, this is going to be a perfect fake Patek Philippe watch that you will wear a lot.

The Calatrava is the embodiment of the men’s and women’s dress watch, with its classic design featuring clean lines, a minimalist dial and understated elegance. Hopefully Patek Philippe Calatrava entry level watch gives you a good starting point to begin your journey into the impossibly sumptuous world of Patek Philippe. The humble Patek Philippe Calatrava embodies the essence of the essence of the prestigious dress watch.


Imitation Rolex Entry Level Watch: Oyster Perpetual

Rolex is the brand millions of people around the world aspire to own. If you’re looking for the most popular Rolex watches, then you’re definitely partial to the Submariner, the Daytona, or the Datejust. These Rolex watches possibly the most copied watch designs in history. But if you want to get a luxury Rolex watch with the smallest possible financial outlay, the imitation Rolex Oyster Perpetual is for you.

The Story Of The Rolex Oyster Perpetual’s Name

The name of “Oyster Perpetual” is actually the description of Rolex’s origins. The Oyster part refers to the world’s first water and dust resistant watch, which is launched by Rolex in 1926. The Perpetual part of the name is a nod to the self-winding movement Rolex invented in 1931. So each fake Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch is water-resistance and has an automatic movement.

The name not only applies to the only Oyster Perpetual collection, but is a prefix for other Rolex watch collections. For example, Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust fake, Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer, Rolex Oyster Perpetual Daytona… But the un-suffixed Oyster Perpetual collection is the most affordable watch with its simple three-hand design.


Imitation Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39

Everything about the Rolex OP watches is kept simple. In all cases, all Rolex Oyster Perpetual replica watches have just three hands – hours, minutes, and center seconds. There is also a brushed case with a polished bezel and an Oyster bracelet with a Oysterclasp. You won’t see big water-resistance, glossy ceramic and complications here. Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches have remained water resistant to 100 meters. In addition, the movement inside these watches has been upgraded for 2020. All Oyster Perpetual 28mm, 31mm and 34mm watches are powered by the NO.2232 movement. The other two larger Rolex OP watches are powered by the NO.3230 movement.

5 Different Case Sizes

Imitation Rolex Oyster Perpetual 41 124300

Befor 2020, the Oyster Perpetual comes in five different case sizes – 26mm, 31mm, 34mm, 36mm, and 39mm. Furthermore, many consider the Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 to be the best entry-level watch to buy. But surprisingly, Rolex has announced the discontinuation of the OP 39 watches in 2020 and replacing it with the new OP 41 watches. As a result, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual collection is still available in five different case sizes, but they are 26mm, 31mm, 34mm, 36mm, and 41mm. Regardless, the replica Oyster Perpetual is still the watch with the largest number of case sizes in all of the Rolex collections.

A Wide Range Of Dial Colors

Imitation Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36 126000

Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches are not only available in the largest number of sizes, but also in the largest number of dial colours. For example, the classic and common white, black and silver, shining blue, red grape, and dark rhodium sun dials. In 2020, not only has the OP collection’s case size been updated, but also several bold dial colors have been added. While keeping the previous dial colors, Rolex has added candy pink, turquoise blue, yellow, coral red and green. All in all, there are well over a dozen different options about size and dial color in the Rolex Oyster Perpetual collection. This can make it easier than ever for everyone to best fit the best watch to their taste and budget.

Why Choose

Imitation Rolex Oyster Perpetual 34 114200

I’ve been trying to think of the best word to describe the Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches and my answer is “convenient”. If you want to own a watch that can be worn on all occasions, with all clothes and activities, without being ostentatious, but with a personal touch, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual is definitely the watch for you. These imitation watches‘ design comes close to perfection.

Imitation Rolex Oyster Perpetual

Honestly, it’s wise to choose imitation Rolex Oyster Perpetual because it’s hard to identify. These imitation Rolex watches are uniform in design and simple in function, which also makes them easy to replicate. Also, every Oyster Perpetual watch is made of stainless steel, so we don’t have to settle for any gold-plated metal. The fixed bezel and simple dial also allow replica watches to sport the same movement as the real thing. We no longer have to worry about the embarrassment of getting a watch with a sub-dial that won’t work and being identified.

It has to be said that the Oyster Perpetual collection has the largest selection of watches within this Rolex brand, and the quality still matches the brand. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual is the purest and most unrestricted character. Don’t think of it as the entry-level Rolex, the cheap Rolex—this Rolex is the one for purists.


Fake Rolex Bracelets And Clasps Complete Guide

Fake Rolex Bracelets And Clasps

Rolex is known for its high precision, iconic, and timeless designs. It is a luxury Swiss watch brand that has passed the test of time in terms of design, reliability, and accuracy. While watches’ movements are the most important part, an element that may not be discussed as much is Rolex bracelets and clasps. Rolex has many bracelets and clasps designs that have now become as iconic as Rolex watches’ designs. And just like their watches, they’ve subtly been improved and changed in order to perform better, become higher quality, and to sit more comfortably on the users’ wrist. After delving into the replica Rolex bezels, we are now taking an in-depth look at the fake Rolex bracelets and clasps.


Oyster Bracelet

Fake Rolex Oyster Bracelet

The Oyster bracelet is introduced in the late 1930s, has become the most iconic and instantly recognizable of the fake Rolex bracelets. You can find the Oyster bracelet on many of the Rolex sport watches such as the Submariner, Daytona, and Yacht-Master.

This Oyster bracelet showcases a flat, three-piece link configuration. The solid construction and design of this bracelet provides an attractive and sturdy bracelet that’s built to last. Oyster bracelets are available in brushed and polished finishes. Some Oyster bracelets are both brushed and polished, the outer links brushed while the middle links are polished. The Oyster bracelets are available in all types of metals as well as two-tone. They also can be equipped with all types of fake Rolex clasps (Oysterclasp, Oysterlock, Crownclasp) and can include the comfortable Easylink extension.

President Bracelet

Fake Rolex President Bracelet

The President bracelet was created in 1956 for the prestigious Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date watches. Since its inception, Rolex has only featured the President bracelet on the Day-Date or for certain versions of the Datejust for ladies in precious metals, also affectionately known as the President.

The design of the President bracelet somewhat combines the characteristics of the Jubilee and Oyster bracelets. Despite the similarities, one characteristic makes this bracelet unique. The refined, exclusive President bracelet with semi-circular three-piece links. And it is always fitted with a Crownclasp, Rolex’s elegant concealed clasp.

Jubilee Bracelet

Fake Rolex Bracelets And Clasps

The fake Rolex Jubilee bracelet was first launched in 1945. As the name suggests, it is to celebrate the Rolex’s 40th anniversary. Originally, the Jubilee bracelet was specifically designed for the Datejust collection. Over the years, this bracelet has been used for a wide variety of fake watches such as the GMT-Master II. Today, the Jubilee bracelet is made in all metals except full gold and platinum. But in the beginning, the Jubilee bracelet was only available in solid gold.

The Jubilee bracelet has a five-piece, semi-circular link design, which appears as more luxurious and elegant than the Oyster bracelet because of having 5 links instead of 3. The three middle-links on this bracelet are polished, and the links on each side are brushed. The sides of the Jubilee bracelet are polished, and the inside is brushed. The Jubilee bracelet links are flat on the inside, which makes the bracelet sit more snug against the wrist which really is a great design feature. It is always fitted with either a concealed Crownclasp or Oysterclasp.

The Jubilee bracelet is a mixture between the Oyster bracelet and the President bracelet. Although it is less sporty and more elegant than the Oyster bracelet, it is also less dressy than the President bracelet.

Pearlmaster Bracelet

Fake Rolex Pearlmaster Bracelet

The Pearlmaster bracelet was released in 1992 and features an innovative design. The Pearlmaster bracelet is as much an ornate jewelry item as it is a practical strap for a timepiece. The Pearlmaster bracelet with rounded five‑piece links – sometimes adorned with diamonds – and coming in a range of golds, the Pearlmaster encapsulates the brand’s commitment to consistently go above and beyond the ordinary and expected. This sensual and sophisticated bracelet is always equipped with a Crownclasp, Rolex’s elegant concealed clasp.

Leather Strap

Fake Rolex Leather Strap

In fact, the Rolex leather strap is the oldest strap. Rolex knock off watches made in the early 20th century generally matched leather straps. However, the service life and water resistance of leather straps are not excellent. So since the middle of the last century, the metal bracelet has become the most popular watchband style of Rolex, and it has continued to this day. But the metal bracelet is not suitable for every Rolex copy watch. If you want to reflect different watch styles, you still need different straps. So the leather strap still exists in some Rolex fake watches.

Today, Rolex offers leather straps in selected Day-Date, Datejust, Sky-Dweller and Daytona models and the total Cellini collection. Completing these leather straps are matching gold folding Crownclasp buckles for easy adjusting and optimal security. Many enthusiasts and watch collectors even match their Rolex watches with leather strap.

Oysterflex Rubber Strap

Fake Rolex Oysterflex Rubber Strap

Launched in 2015 on the Everose Yacht-Master, the Oysterflex is the newest of the Rolex bracelet family. The birth of Oysterflex demonstrates this Swiss watch brand’s dedication to constant reinvention, improvement, and exploring the desires of its core fanbase. Since its initial debut, the Oysterflex bracelet is now available on other models, like the Everose Daytona.

From the appearance, the Oysterflex strap is an ordinary rubber strap. But we all know the Oysterflex is anything but an ordinary black rubber strap. Because it is made by Rolex. The Oysterflex’s heart is a superelastic metal blade consisted by a titanium and nickel metal alloy blade, which is coated in a durable black elastomer. As a result, a strap which provides the robustness and reliability of a metal bracelet, while preserving the comfort and suppleness of an elastomer strap. In addition, it has the advantage of being not easily scratched and completely waterproof. As with so many things in the world of Rolex, this Oysterflex rubber strap combines all advantages.

Clasps And Extension Systems


Fake Rolex Oysterclasp

The simplest Oysterclasp among Rolex clasps and typically reserved for Rolex’s less sporty watches. This Rolex clasp is a folding deployant clasp with the Rolex crown embossed on it that opens by using a lever mechanism. What is interesting is that, as the name suggests, you would think that this Oysterclasp is only used on Oyster bracelets. However, that is wrong. Rolex has also started using the Oyster clasp on Jubilee bracelets


Fake Rolex Oysterlock

The Oysterlock clasp is developed and used especially for professional Rolex fake watches. The Oysterlock has a locking mechanism that locks the bracelet into place when the clasp is closed. This prevents accidental opening and is crucial for a sports watch in particular. It is a sublime blend of robust yet sophisticated engineering, simple handling, smooth lines and, above all, security.


Fake Rolex Bracelets And Clasps

The Crownclasp, also known as a Rolex hidden clasp or Rolex concealed clasp, is the most elegant clasp. By removing the visible clasp, Crownclasp has made these bracelets more seamless, elegant, and refined. Note that the hidden clasp is only available on the President bracelet and the Jubilee bracelet.

Easylink Extension

Rolex invented a patented link system that allows you to make a quick 5mm size adjustment to your Rolex bracelet called the Easylink 5mm extension. If you want to expand the size by 5mm, simply unsnap the bar out the groove, unfold the Easylink 5mm extension link and extend the bracelet.

Glidelock Extension

The Glidelock extension allows the bracelets of Rolex dive watches to extend in increments of 2 mm to a total of 20 mm. Thanks to its clever toothed panel located under the clasp cover. The Glidelock extension is only used for Rolex’s dive watches, which include the Submariner, Deepsea, and Sea-Dweller. So that, these replica Rolex dive watches can easily fit over a wetsuit.

Fliplock Extension

For the ultra-robust Sea-Dweller and Deepsea dive watches, Rolex added a Fliplock extension in addition to the Glidelock. The Fliplock foldout link allows the bracelet to extend by an additional 26 mm to accommodate very thick diving suits. adjust the length without removing the watch.

Rolex continues to improve, redesign and perfect the bracelet to make it more reliable, stronger, and ultimately achieve the “perpetual” purpose. This is consistent with Rolex’s brand that always pursues perfection and improvement. As tastes have changed, new techniques and production methods have arisen, and new frontiers for excellence have moved into reach, we have seen the continuous development of fake Rolex bracelets and left a deep impression on people. The Oyster, Jubilee, and President bracelets are very popular and standard equipment on most fake Rolex watches.